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Wall mount for JUICE BOOSTER 2

79.00 €
excl. VAT, plus delivery
Delivery time: 10 day(s)


This makes your mobile charging station JUICE BOOSTER 2 a fully-fledged, safe and a very low-cost charging station.

With only one hand, you can mount your JUICE BOOSTER 2 into the bracket and remove it just as easily for travel.

While in private garages the option without locking bars is sufficient, EV-drivers using public parking garages rather choose the variant with bracket and key lock. This ensures your device is effectively protected against unauthorized use.

Easy to assemble:
Two holes need to be drilled using the bracket directly as a template. Rawlplugs and screws are included. Done.

Thanks to the built-in AC and DC FI protection in the JUICE BOOSTER 2 , you do not need separate FI protectors in the supply line. This allows you to save about 300 to 600 euros compared to a typical wall charging station.

Made of 5 mm thick aluminium and powdercoated. Hinge rivet made from stainless steel for the security-bracket.